Jan 13 2011

New photos - at last!

Oh so nice, to finally have photos from 2010 posted!     After an insanely busy year, I can now start working for myself again, and this had to be my first move - even though I’m still planning to launch a new website in the next few months!    It sure feels good to have new work up again!   I feel like I should be toasting champagne, or something…

As always, I continue to be very active on my Facebook Business Page.    So do check that out as well…

After an exceptionally great conversation with my album rep. at Albums Inc. today, it seems that I’ll be heading to Las Vegas again this year, for WPPI - which is the largest photography convention in the U.S.    Though I’m a little unsure about the time away, I’m extremely excited to see and hear about all the new plans Albums Inc. has in store…    There’s no doubt these guys are  work’n it!   Even bigger news for me, is Jerry Ghionis - who will be here the second week of February.    Easily, he is one of the worlds top ten wedding photographers and is someone I have looked up to for many years…    His work alone, has inspired and influenced me more that any photographer out there!    With this being a five day workshop - only ten minutes from my house - I get SO excitement every time I think about it!    What an amazing opportunity!

So many great plans and goals for 2011.     As I approach my 18th year in business, I’ve never been more excited about what I’m doing, and where I’m heading!     Without question, the sky’s the limit!

Oct 4 2010

Time flies!

To say the least!   Hard to believe it’s October, and I haven’t been here for four months!    It seems having to let go of the help I hired at the beginning of the year was much more costly than I expected.   Originally with high hopes from having someone help me with the post production side of things, this year turned into a lot more than I could handle on my own…   And that’s why I haven’t been blogging… at all!     This along with shooting 30 weddings between June, July and August alone!   Wow!

What I have been doing instead, is posting a lot of work on my Facebook Business Page!   What an awesome avenue to share with my clients and those in the industry.    I’ve especially loved all the great comments!    With my work having changed so much in the last 12 months, I love hearing from those who have noticed…

Though my Tafota website was a nice upgrade from what I use to have, I’m very excited to be replacing it in the months ahead…    The customer service I’ve received from Tafota can’t be beat, and I couldn’t be happier with that.    However, with the direction I’m going, I just isn’t functional enough and I’ve simply outgrown it…    With that, this may very well be my last post…      Please though, follow me on Facebook.    I continue to post work on a regular bases.   Plus it’s a great place to read comments from clients, and their family and friends!    If you’ll take a few minutes to cruise the photo albums, I think you’ll be very pleased with what you see…

Here’s to the future!

Jun 7 2010

Back in shape!

Wedding shape that is!    After completing my first triple of the summer, I’m feeling pretty good today.    Though every wedding this weekend was great, I especially enjoyed last nights - at the Chateaux at Fox Meadows.     It was long, with lot’s of dancing and tons of energy.   Plus they had a photo booth - which is always a hit!     I was all smiles when Kira and Jake asked me to step into it with them for a few pics.    Brings back great memories when I did it for the first time with each of my kids…

Jun 4 2010

So far, so great!

Wow, June 4th already!    With three weddings this weekend, there’s certainly no recovering from a lack of time now.   Not till September anyway - at the earliest…      This year has been amazing!    My energy level is still peaking, and I’m still having more fun than ever before.    After introducing the Engagement Session Date to my clients over six months ago, I’ve now done three of them, and they’ve all been a huge success.    Some of the best work in fact, I think I’ve ever produced…   Shooting lodo has been amazing.   Though I love those with the skyline as a backdrop, the shots in the bowling alley are definitely my favorite…   Love the color!

Now if only my blog could handle uploading photos as fast as my Facebook Page - instead of just one at a time.     Seems I’ll have to wait a little longer before I can switch over to a new website…     Either way, here’s a sample…   As always, lot’s more recent work is posted on my Fb. Business Page.    Become a fan if you’d like to see current work come up on the News feed…

May 17 2010

Peter and Alyssa 4-25-10

Not only do I love what I do, but I especially love hearing about it from my clients.   A short and sweet e-mail, but really so much more, having come from the groom…      Having only met Alyssa and Peter the week before their wedding, they were incredibly easy going and fun to work with.    So obviously happy to be married!      Photos from the always beautiful Pinehurst Country Club

“Thank you so much for being a rock star and not only being the most amazing photographer but helping us with every aspect of our wedding!”    Peter and Alyssa

See more at:  http://www.facebook.com/denvercreativefocus

Apr 17 2010

Ducks in a row, finally!

As promised, I’m finally posting something about this years WPPI convention.    Little did I know it was going to take me so long to get to it…       Seems I just needed to make sure I was 100% caught up and ready to begin another wedding season - which officially begins today!   Guess I made it just on time!

Because this was my second WPPI convention, I was happy not to be walking around so shell shocked this time.    Last year I was a bit overwhelmed, but this year I was a man with a mission.    Even on the night of all the parties, and being invited to three of the big ones, I sat in Scott Bourne’s Twitter class, as he talked about the value of social media.    And with over 64,000 followers, he would know…    Speaking of numbers;  WPPI continues to be the largest annual expo and conference in the United States for professional photographers…    14,500 were in attendance this year.    Photographers everywhere!     Some of the classes where filled to capacity with over 1,400 people.     Though it was without question information overload, I again came away with a ton of great information and inspiration.    Having attended the classes of some of the worlds best was like being a kid in a candy store - so to speak.    Loved seeing Jerry Ghionis and Jim Garner again.    So many great classes in fact, I can’t wait to start applying more of what I’ve learned…

This years convention solidified yet again, the importance of staying on top of your game.    Education and knowledge is the key to continual growth.    And because there’s SO much information out there, there’s just no way to keep up with it, without attending great conventions like WPPI…       If you don’t, I strongly believe you won’t survive.    Photography is way too competitive…    Having seen many photographers throw in the towel the last couple of years, I’m happy as can be to be celebrating 17 years TODAY!    And how cool to, because I’m 17, on the 17th, and I have a wedding!   In fact I’ve always liked the number 17!   All my ducks are in a row, as I begin another great year!     Cheers!

Apr 3 2010


Though it’s not quite what I had planned, I’m happy to be blogging again…  To all of you that have been questioning my whereabouts since WPPI, I’ve been here - struggling to get back on track with my work load…     Returning to a bridal show and two weddings, made it all that much more challenging…     I  don’t know how people do it!?     Leaving for six days did me in…     Though I’ll be going out of order, I will still make a post on WPPI, and what an incredible experience it was!     For now, it’s good to be back (blogging)…    Sorry everyone!

If you’d like to check out some of my best work ever, I’ve posted 40, or so of my favorites from Michelle and Tyler (Mar. 27th) on my Facebook Fan Page.    What a great day, with a fantastic couple!     Being at the Courthouse and then the Chateaux at Fox Meadows, there was no going wrong!    Also check out the 30+ photos from Heather and Joe (Mar. 20th), who were married at the Franciscan Event Center.    Great veil photos!     While you’re there, become a fan!

WPPI has paid off yet again.     I’m inspired like never before, and am looking forward to an amazing year!

Mar 5 2010

WPPI 2010…

The excitement just kicked in!    Six hours from now I’ll be on a plane heading for the biggest photography convention in the country - WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International)…     With some of the best photographers in the world speaking, it’s without question thee place to be for accelerated learning, or, information overload - like last year!    The tag line at last years convention was, ‘It will change your life!’, and it most certainly did…    As much as I hate to admit it, for so many years I was way too busy for my own good.     Because I was shooting ALL the time - which is great - I wasn’t growing as a business man…    Thankfully, that’s old news now.    Since WPPI 2009, I’ve attended more seminars, conventions and meetings, than I have my entire career…    A bit overwhelming at times; re-branding, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Lightroom, new logo, new cards, promotions, etc., I’m having a great time soaking it up and learning all I can…    In fact, I’m having more fun than ever before!    And though that is the best part, I’ve been loving watching my photography improve ten fold in the process…     As have my clients!     Just a few days ago a review was posted on line from a December client and was one of the best I’ve ever received (see below).     What an awesome feeling it is, to make someone that happy…     As you all know, there’s no re-shoots… no going back…

So, WPPI 2010 - bring it on!    I’m so ready for another dose.    With all I’m learning these days, there’s no doubt in my mind - even after nearly 17 years and 1200 weddings - the best is yet to come!


Everett takes the most stunning photographs. I absolutely loved working with him. His exuberant personality keeps you smiling all through the photography portion of the wedding and the poses he arranges are just gorgeous.

Everett is a gem to work with. We loved chatting with him before our big day. He had us in for a consultation about the types of photos we wanted for our wedding. We left that session feeling relieved that all of our photography would be taken care of and oh did he deliver. With about 400+ photos Everett captured all of the best moments.

I fell in love with his digital retouching work. After the wedding was over he remastered a number of our shots and let me tell you, these pictures are just gorgeous! He has the best poses, the best angles, the best lighting and finishes it off with that little something extra. Sheer exquisiteness.

Bottom line: if you have the chance to work with Everett… DO IT! You will not be disappointed!

Veronica & Greg - Dec. 21, 2009 - The Chateaux at Fox Meadows.     Photos can be viewed from this wedding a little farther back in the blog posts.

Mar 4 2010


While I had a great time working with Allie and Barrett, it suuuuure was cold!    At 30˚, it didn’t take long before my fingers weren’t working too good…     Well worth it though, because the fresh snow made for a great background.    I especially loved how these two were able to play and have fun, as if I wasn’t even there…

Mar 2 2010

At long last!

Wahoo!    Finally a new logo, and even new cards to go with.    Cutting it close, I’m so excited to have them for the WPPI convention - so I hope anyway!    It’s quit likely I’ll be picking them up on my way to the airport.   Yea, that’s close!    If it wasn’t for the fast work of Steve and Kristin at PIP Printing and Marketing Sevices it would never have been possible…    In fact, if it weren’t for finally learning the lesson, that I’m not supposed to do everything myself, it doubly would never have been possible.    As the owner of PIP Printing, Steve put this together in fine fashion.    With change, after change, and then some fine tuning, I couldn’t be happier with the result and service they provided me…

So, who needs a new card?